Income & Expense Affidavits

Income Expense Affadavits


Divorces obviously do not happen overnight, and can often take much longer than parties anticipate.  While asset division and child arrangements are being discussed and hopefully agreed upon, one or both parties may need financial support for regular living expenses until the divorce is final.  Preparing an accurate financial affidavit is the first, and most important, step in the process of seeking temporary support, and often provides the blueprint for a permanent award.

We can help you prepare an affidavit that sets forth your financial needs accurately and persuasively.  Whether you need us to handle your affidavit from start to finish, or whether you want to prepare it yourself with a double-check from us, we’re happy to work with you to develop an accurate, affordable affidavit.

Our experience in preparing affidavits allows us to quickly spot potential issues in affidavits, which means that not only can we avoid any deficiencies in your presentation, but we can highlight problems in your spouse’s affidavit.  Properly analyzing a spouse’s affidavit, and preparing your own accurately, are critical components to your success in receiving temporary support meeting your needs.